An Ode To Those Who Boo

At the time of writing I am returning from another fantastic British GP weekend. This year, in particular, has been spectacular. The 2017 breed of Formula 1 cars are just jaw dropping to watch. I stood at the entrance of Maggots on Saturday morning and watched in awe as these cars flew through fast sweepers. The race may not have been a crazy one but it certainly did contain action with some last lap dramas for the Ferrari team. It is on this point, however, that I must voice some displeasure at the attitude of some of the British contingent of F1 fans.

Don’t get me wrong; the majority of Brit F1 fans are the most knowledgeable, passionate and respectful Formula 1 fans on the planet. When Fernando Alonso went fastest in Q1 – a life affirming moment I might add – the crowds of people erupted with respect and support.

However there are some in the crowd that are so narrow minded and concerned about a certain British driver winning (not Jolyon) that they become rude, obnoxious and quite frankly miss the point of the sport as a whole. Passion for a sport is necessary. Disrespect is unacceptable.

Now, I am a Ferrari fan and I happily admit that I am not a Hamilton fan. I was gutted when the Ferrari cars hit trouble with a couple of laps to go. This does not mean that I can’t admire Hamilton’s performance during the whole weekend. He did not put a foot wrong. His quali and race drive was about as perfect as it can get. It was an admirable performance from a world-class driver. Just because I don’t like him, doesn’t mean that I sit in the grandstand and boo/shout abuse at him.

At some points on Sunday afternoon I was slightly ashamed to be associated with various members of the crowd. They seemed to miss the bigger picture of the race and it saddened me. Contrary to what some people like to imagine, there are so many more aspects to Formula 1 than Mr Hamilton. Lets not become that type of sport. These guys race wheel to wheel at 200mph, without respect there would be hideous accidents. This respect should be carried on throughout the crowd and watching audience.

This point is perhaps made even more poignant as today marks two years since we lost Jules Bianchi. Remember what matters. Formula 1 is the best sport in the world. #ForzaJules


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